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Welcome. On this new web page I will publish articles and reviews on anti aging face care related issues - creams against wrinkles and general skin care & treatments -, recently discussed in the media. We will also discuss in brief any new anti aging research results that were published in academic journals, with updates on further developments in ageing and wrinkle skin care. Thanks for joining me on this reviews. This website on skin care is in development. Starting with the November issues look for the articles on wrinkle treatment, human growth hormone, a new anti aging skincare treatment, and there's more to come.

Anti Aging Cream sold out after BBC programme on improvement fine wrinkles :

An anti aging cream came out of a test better than many other skin care products costing over £200. When the BBC on sunday focussed on the anti aging cream, experts at the University of Manchester revealed that the effect of the cream reversed the aging effect of sun damage such as fine wrinkles. The independent research on the anti aging cream was carried out by an eminent team of dermatologists specializing in anti aging products and treatments.

Anti aging skin treatment results :

Their study of anti aging creams compared the effect of the cream on collagen production with any performance of retinoic acid - which is a vitamina A derivative only available on prescription, and used to treat severe sun damage of the skin and acne. Evidence of the signs associated with skin aging often first appears in the periorbital area and includes wrinkles, eyelid bags, circles around the eye, or a 'tired look'. Anti aging cream now seems to be the answer to these aging symptoms. The study on the anti aging skin cream was completed by 29 women between 36 to 65 years of age. The anti aging test revealed that clinical signs for wrinkles, lower eyelid bags or sagging, dark circles, and skin texture show significant improvement after 6 weeks of twice dayle application of the anti aging cream. The experts have been studying anti aging creams for years, and did not find any over the counter anti aging cream that could match this effectiveness, up till recently. These clinical improvements were confirmed by a questionnaire on the anti aging cream. The women reported that their tired look significantly improved by 32% in average after the six week anti aging cream application. All women tolerated the cream well and liked the way it felt. The cream's efficacy, tolerability in the delicate periorbital skin area, and the pleasant sensory properties explained why a large majority (78%) would continue regular use of the cream.

It seems that the new and cheaper anti aging cream, both at basic science and at clinical levels, has shown to repair photo aged skin and to improve fine wrinkles associated with photoaging.

The new anti aging cream sells for only £35 in contrast to many other anti aging creams that can cost as much as £230 for a 30 ml pot. The stores were overwhelmed with the response following the BBC's programme. Many stores were reported out of stock. A message on the website next to the product reads simply : "Anti aging cream : sorry out of stock". See the articles about : Anti Aging Skincare in general, as well as the articles on Mens Skincare Creams and organic skin creams.

Started in April 2008, there's the section of "Most Popular Searches" on this website. There you can peek at what is most popular in the past 30 days.

Short Announcement corner : Here below on this first page of the website, I will make announcements from time to time, in response to questions from website visitors.

Some visitors are inquiring upon the Aldi Siana cream care. I will address this Siana cream in the next articles that will review some of the best creams and face care products that are available on the market now. Also look for the coming article with photos on skin rashes and how to make skin rash disappear (with links to pictures). So, visit again soon for reviews on the newest creams and face care products.

Visit this website soon again. From fall 2009 on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on "Face Care" will launch in a few weeks. New reviews are now added on a weekly basis (March 2010)

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