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Product Review: Aderma

Aderma is a line of skin care, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic products developed and manufactured by Laboratories Pierre Fabre, a renowned French-based laboratory. The Pierre Fabre Lab specializes in skin care treatments that utilize unique ingredients created from plants and herbs. At least 50% of the composition of A-Derma skin care products are said to be derived from plant sources and the rest are nutrients and vitamins that also aid in maintaining healthy skin. The Aderma line is promoted to assist with all skin types and concerns, even for sensitive skin, irritated skin, and damaged skin. Aside from its having a wide range of products, the Aderma line of cremes also caters to the skin care needs of children which makes it quite distinct in that sense.

Some of the A-Derma products included in the skin care line are the Dermalibour Face and Body Cream, Dermalibour Foaming Gel, Epitheliale AH Reparing Cream, Exomega Face and Body Cream, and the Exomega Oat Meal Bath, among others. While these products are said to be composed of organic ingredients, the full list of ingredients are difficult to find especially since an official website for Aderma itself is available only in French. The Aderma cremes and products are available from various third party online merchants. Here at we have seen the Aderma creams and other products on various UK stockist websites or other outet shops where you can buy them (from time to time there should be free trials and discounts available). They are priced reasonably enough (£4.00-£12.00 or $7.87-$23.62) but do not come with a money back guarantee. Among the most popular searches we noticed the handcreme, sensiphase, the A Derma cytelium (crema) and epitheliale products.

On the whole, the Aderma line leaves us with many questions rather than enlightening us. While the manufacturer Laboratories Pierre Fabre is a reputable pharmaceutical company, it sorely lacks pertinent information on what ingredients actually go into the Aderma products and how these components work individually and in combination. Moreover, other 'perks' are conspicuously absent in the sites offering the Aderma Line such as free sample products, more affordable trial kits, and a money back guarantee. Amidst so many skin care treatments and options in the market today, only those products which use proven ingredients stand out and get the nod of the users. You could probably be interested in the alternatives  

Aderma alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on "Face Care" will launch in a few weeks.

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