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Babor CREAMS : Skin Product Reviews

Babor Cosmetics is an international skincare cosmetics company with a philosophy and goal of striving for effectiveness through 'naturalness and uniqueness'. Fifty years ago, Dr. Babor founded Babor Cosmetics after having obtained a patent on a face cleansing oil. After years of business, the company was sold in 1962 to a doctor and businessman from Germany. Babor is now a well known resource for its ability and products to fight the look of aging around the eyes and in the face in general.

Babor offers a wide range of skin care products that are specifically created for different skin types (sensitive to mature). Among the Babor skincare lines for mature skin, a very popular product is the Babor HY OL cleansers (both also written Hyol or Hy Oil), which is an oil derived from all natural ingredients such as: extract from Chinese (palm) date, almond extract, and exctract form the famous ginkgo biloba. The HYOL oil is even showing good results for users with oily skin! The Cleansing Scrub is an exfoliator that offers mild peeling based upon peach kernel husks. The Babor HSR Lifting Cream is based upon wheat extracts and oat proteins, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. The Babor HSR Eye Cream claims to instantly lift the skin around the eye.

Here at we see positive reviews on a number of popular Babor products: The Babor HSR Creams (both the Face and Eye cream), The Babor Sensitive line also good overall, the Babor Advanced Biogen line (see below). The Babor HY line (all overall OK sounds), the Babor PERFECT line (here is the Perfect Combination Concentrate most reviewed. It's got the creams for the T-Zone, and the Day as well as Night Creams in review below). The Babor Pure line contains the Moisturizers (Both the Pure Day, and the Pure Night Cream). A special case is the Babor Young Cream. The Young Balance 24H Cream is more of a special case according to a number of users that tried the product below.
Mixed ratings on the Babor Phytoactive (Phytoactive Combination and the Sensitive). This is a cleanser. The Babor Anti Stress cream, and on the Babar Selection line (also mixed opinions : see descriptions on the Selection Creams : Ultimate, SeaCreation, and the Decollete Cream). Best try to get hand on a free sample if you really want to try some of the latter.
Very little positive about the Babor Mild Peeling (the scrub) thus far. (the Babor INTELLIZYME Biological Exfoliation is getting much better appreciation, we keep an eye on this one).

Update : If you are looking for the Babor Sensitive line : Choose FIRST the button 'Sensitive' and THEN, you search for the right cream : Calming Sensitive couperose serum or theDay Cream / Night Cream. Make sure you are in the section : 'Treatments'. You must find the specifics on the Babor Scentao face cream in the section 'Moisturizers'.

Babor Cosmetics is around already for a long long time, and the official website offers information on each product and also lists each product by its use on the different skin types. However, we do regret not finding any detailed listings of ingredients on all of the Babor products. There is also no evidence of scientific research or studies behind the products that we can find on the official website.

The Babor products are available for purchase at select online cosmetics retail stores, where you find interesting reviews too. Below you may find some interesting discounted prices, and coupon offerings for rotating Babor skin products (currently UK, but Canada, Australia, Usa offerings are to be found too, through the search function). We have not yet seen many occasions of free Babor trial samples (though we've read their Vitamin C cream and Blue Line 24h lotion have been available as a free trial sample, see also the Babor facial makeup section). 

Babor (UK & Ireland) alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on "Face Care" will launch in a few weeks.

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