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Bare Escentuals Makeup : Our Product Reviews

Bare Escentuals is essentially a makeup line, and here at we see many requests for review of the line. So, for women searching for 100% natural make-up, there are the Bare Escentuals Cosmetics products. California-based since 1979, Bare Escentuals Cosmetics was founded by Leslie Blodgett and made it a hit through the years.

Bare Escentuals is able to say that 'It's a makeup is so pure you can sleep in it!' It contains none of the bad stuff (preservative, fillers, binders, talc, oil, and added fragrances: see below for the free samples offers and coupons code info).

Along with concealers and foundations, Bare Escentuals includes beauty products for eyes, cheeks and lips (in various colors), along with different-sized brushes to apply them.

The pride of Bare Escentuals is their make-up line, made purely of minerals (the Mineral Escentuals ), good even for sensitive skin. The Bare Essentials Cosmetics are said to last longer too than the usual foundations. These Mineral Makeups come in different shades for all skin complexions. Popular are the Guilty Pleasures, and for good reason (cfr below).

Pure Escentuals Make-up products available in any of the Bare Cosmetics line (UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Rest of the world through the online cosmetics shops) are: the foundation, mineral makeup, 'all over' face color, multi tasking bare minerals, and bare moisturizers with tanning cream.

Starter kits for the make-up-challenged: 'Getting Started', 'Lip Kit', 'Get Started Eyes', 'Complexion Enhancers', and 'Weather Anything.' DVD's that teach techniques are available, too.

Anyone will be able to find the right colors and shades just for them.

How much, you ask? Bare Essentuals lipsticks cost around £10 ($15), and the Maximum Coverage Concealor Brush, for example, is £14 ($20). Considering that beauty products can cost a fortune when bought separately, you get a good deal with the starter kits which come with everything you'll need for £33 ($49). To buy your Bare Escentual beauty products, go to a store, or browse below the many online cosmetics shops (many times considerable discount prices are offered for a very limited time. Online shops and outlets do this to boost word of mouth, and you can benefit if you are there at the right time…)

Although Bare Escentuals claims to offer beneficial products, they aren't for anti-aging. They'll cover up wrinkles and that's about it. We did not see any money back if you change your mind, and the official site doesn't tell you the ingredients, the ads imply that you can sleep with their make-up on (which you really shouldn't) and aren't meant for budget-wise customers either.

All in all, Bare Escentials say the products are 'all-natural' and they are probably better than typical cheap foundations, but don't expect it to end your wrinkle worries. The DVD's and products' availability are definitely pluses though. Below through the search option you may find UK stockists and outlet locations. 

Bare Escentuals alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on "Face Care" will launch in a few weeks.

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