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Caudalie Skin Products : Reviews

Many wrinkle-fighting companies have come out with claims of using various methods and ingredients to sell you the fountain of youth. It's interesting what they come up with. Here's a natural choice for you to consider from the 1990s, it's called Caudalie.

Caudalie was born in 1995 by a couple who used the concept of fighting age naturally, specifically by using grape seeds. They merged with research company Faculty of Bordeaux, France a year later. What's special about grape seeds is that they're rich in antioxidants which are free radical fighters and therefore age fighters.

Included in their huge selection are products for body-improving approached in interesting ways. You can check these out on their official website and get your fill of treatments to help you fight wrinkles, weight loss, stretch marks, you name it. Some of them are the Crushed Cabernet Scrub, Firming Concentrate, and Organic Herbal Teas. Let's go over anti-aging products:

Lifting Serum - For women with saggy skin and want to lose those fine lines and wrinkles, this instantly smoothens and regenerates skin. Some natural ingredients are: grapevine Resveratrol, soy, ceramides 3, witch hazel, alfalfa, and fern.

Radiance Day Fluid - For women who would also like some protection against UV rays, get firm skin and less wrinkles as well. Containing grapevine Resveratrol, grape seed polyphenols, camomile, mint, basil, coppery pearlizers and pigments that reflect light, this has SPF 8 for protection.

What is Resveratrol? It's supposed to make cells live longer while increasing production of collagen and elastin. According to a clinical survey on their website, Caudalie's product lessened 41 people's wrinkles 24% within 28 days.

Here at we also research popularity of selected products. Most popular products in the Caudalie skin care line are in below categories :
Eye Treatments that are most popular : Caudalie Grape-Seed Eye Contour Cream , Caudalie Lifting Serum for eyes and lips.
Face Skin Treatments most popular : Caudalie First Wrinkle Serum, Purifying Face Treatment, Moisturising Concentrate, Rejuvenating Treatment, Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum, Revitalizing Face Treatment Oil, Grape-seed rejuvenaing cream C80, Vinolift Serum, Gentle Buffing Cream
Popular Tinted Moisturizers : Caudalie Fresh Complexion Tinted Moisturizer
Body Skin Care Treatments : Caudalie Lait Corporel
Popular Scrubs : Caudalie Sauvignon scrub, Crushed Cabernet Scrub, Toning Exfoliating Scrub, Grape-Seed Exfoliating Scrub.
General Moisturisers most popular : Vinopulp Anti Ageing Treatment, Caudalie C20 moisturise, Vinolift Total Night Care, Vinopure Matte Moisturizing Fluid, Facial Treatment Oil for Dry/Dehydrated Skin, Vinosource Anti-wrinkle Nourishing Cream For Dry Skin, Hydrating cream for sensitive skin, Pulpe Vitaminee Energizing Cream, Vinoperfect Night Correcting Cream (also as a Day Cream available), Caudalie Night Infusion and Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme

Masks that are popular in the Caudalie skin products : the Purifying Mask, the Vinoperfect Radiance Revealing Mask, and the Moisturizing Cream Mask.
Other Lotions and Creams : Caudalie Soin Nourrissant - Nourishing Treatment, and the Creme Gourmande - Hand and Nail Cream.
For the Lips : Lip Conditioner Stick for Dry Sensitive Lips, and the Caudalie Grape-Seed Lipstick. The Grapeseed Lip Conditioner is a real Lip Treatment.
Finally the Cleansers : Ultra Mild Wine Soap, the Instant Foaming Cleanser, and the Gentle Cleanser are found to be popular in use.

As mentioned already, several UK stockists and retailers are offering the Caudalie products range (cfr search box below for an occasional coupon code and trial samples and list of prices). Overall, you'll find the official website easy to get through, but before you want to order, but you need to give up personal info to get in. Then again though, their products have no parabens and no testing is done on animals. It's all up to you.  Or you could be interested in investigating the alternatives  

Caudalie alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on 'Face Care' will launch in a few weeks.

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Caudalie Creams Review

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