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CHANEL ULTRA Skin Products : Reviews

When people think of high fashion and luxury, Chanel is one of the many names that come to mind. Founded by Coco Chanel, this company has survived eras and continues to add to their repertoire of fashion of beauty. Anti-aging skin treatments are no exception. Chanel produces a line of skin care products that claim to use the most advanced ingredients in the skin care arena today.

Under their skin care line, Chanel offers a line of antiageing products (also for men) which they like to call 'time fighters'. There are 2 product lines with anti wrinkle / antiageing creams : the Ultra Correction, and the Precision Ultra lines.

One product in particular, the Ultra Correction Serum, uses an extract from the Kombucha mushroom. The Himalayans use Kombucha Mushroom as a tea and is packed with antioxidants. The claim to this ingredient is the ability to reverse fine lines and wrinkles. Another interesting ingredient in this product is mica particles. Mica is used in cosmetics as a light reflector, which helps divert the light off the skin, minimizing the appearance. Ultra Correction Serum is packaged in traditional Chanel package sporting its brand.

Chanel has a very rich history and is well known through out the world. The official website has detailed information about the company and its founder and you can buy the products online conveniently through the official sites, or find them for sale through many retailer stockists in the UK (shops online), Canada and worldwide. Most discounts or coupons for trial samples are to be found through the retailer online stores however. If you are interested in promotional coupons, there is a chance you may still find some of the offerings available through the popular search pages below.

We think there is really not enough of detailed information about the ingredients used in their range of formulas. The Chanel antiageing products may not contain any proven anti-aging ingredients and there is no clinical evidence supporting the claims on anti-aging benefits of these products. However, on a number of reviews websites we noticed a number of customers relating positively about the effectiveness of this ULTRA line of products. We think time will tell? At least we would suggest to do some more research of your own, and try finding more reviews or online testimonials on this Chanel line. The cost of Chanel skin care line is rather high.

Here at we keep an eye on the popularity of specific products within skin care lines. So too for the Chanel skin care line. The most popular skin products are :

In the category of Eye Firming Treatments : the Chanel Precision Eye Correction, the Chanel Precision Age Delay Eye, the Chanel Precision Eye Tonic Dark Circle Corrector, the Precision Ultra Correction Eye Anti-wrinkle restructuring eye cream, the Precision Eye Cream No 1, the Precision Rectifiance Intense Eye, the Chanel Sublimage Eye, the Chanel Beaute Initiale Energizing Multi-Protection Eye Cream SPF 15 (also a gel version available), the Chanel Precision Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream, and the Precision Eye Lift.

In the category of the Face Skin Treatments, most popular are : the Chanel Eclat Originel - Radiance Revealing Serum, the Chanel Precision Blemish Control, the Solution Destressante Calming Emulsion, the Precision Age Delay Rejuvenation Serum, the Chanel Hydra Serum, the Chanel Hydra Max Serum, the Chanel precision anti-taches, the Eclat Originel, Maximum Radiance Cream, the Chanel Rectifiance Intense, the Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Serum, the Chanel Micro Solutions - Refining Peel Program, the Blanc Essentiel Whitening Essence (also has a 28 days program), the Purete Ideale Serum Intense Refining Skin Complex, the Chanel MICRO-DERMABRASION Targeted Program and the Ultra Correction LIFT Sculpting Firming SERUM.

In the category of Lip Treatments : there is the Chanel Precision Lip Correction, the Chanel Double Perfection Lip Care, and the HydraCaresse Hydra-Treatment Lip Care that are on top of popularity rankings.

It appears that Chanel is taking advantage of its well known name and fans of the name through creating a skin care line. While the use of a mushroom extract and mica particles is intriguing, the fact remains that it is not evident that there are any proven anti-aging ingredients used in their formulas. As tempting as it is to have Chanel sitting on your vanity, you'd perhaps be better off buying their nail polish. Perhaps you're interested in investigating the alternatives  

CHANEL ULTRA alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on 'Face Care' will launch in a few weeks.

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Chanel ultra Creams Review

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