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Danne Montague King : Skincare Products Reviews

Danne Montague King started out as a typical youngster with acne issues. This led him to come up with formulations based on the skin and how it maintains nutrition. Overcoming acne, he is now a renowned scientist developing his own technique in the 'paramedical' business treating other skin care issues as well. Products his line offers are from acne washes to milk cleansers for the treatment of things like acne, scarring, freckles, dry skin, ingrowing hair, and anti-aging treatment. It is our impression that the Danne products are especially focussed upon acne scar treatments and specific acne solutions. Danne Montague King (DMK) products seem to be succesful at treating open pores and cellulite problems in particular.

King's goal is to educate people in developing healthy skincare solutions. He's been on talk shows, magazines and given his say on radio programs. On his official website Danne Cosmetics, you'll see media clippings and a few essays about general skincare and the Danne Products. There are product descriptions but no full ingredients listed, only some such as Citric Acid, water, Azelaic Acid, Kelp Extract, and Safflower. In addition to those, unfamiliar to us are: Birchbark Extract, White Oak Bark, and Soybean. Many of Danne skin care products do not use modern essential ingredients like Matrixyl, or Hyaluronic Acid which have been shown to work well against wrinkles when contained in products.

Beneficial antioxidants are within formulas and Danne Montague King products say they have been tested and documented scientifically, but we didn't find the proof on their website at the time of this review. Their website is highly professional and gives a lot of info about skin health and why skin ages, but we doubt this is enough for your money since no refund policy or customer testimonials are evident. On the other hand, on a number of third party websites, we have noticed some testimonials and reviews which seem to be genuine and being rather positive (mentioning that at times discounts and coupons have been seen available at select UK stockists stores (customers can also buy from Ireland based retailer otc stores). You can easily delve more into the DMK information through the popular search results pages below.

So basically, the fact that their well-organized website does not give sufficient information on the ingredients per product is a major minus we think. It's the consumer's job to make a decision based on knowledge of good anti-wrinkle products and especially the ingredients.  Before deciding, you could be interested in investigating the alternatives  

DANNE MONTAGUE alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website AntiAgings.org.uk soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on 'Face Care' will launch in a few weeks.

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Danne Montague King Creams Review

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