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Korres Skin Care : Korres Products Review

Korres Skin Care offers over 150 all natural hair, skin, sun care, and herbal preparation products, which it markets internationally for everyday use. There are no synthetic components in these products for the products are made with plant extracts and other natural ingredients. Although the Korres products contain natural ingredients, they may still irritate the skin, and there is no scientific evidence or studies, and no testimonials on the official website that the ingredients work.

One of Korres's products is the Anti Aging Alpine Herb and the Anti-Stress cream, which is made with lecithin emulsifiers. On the Korres website, there is no mention of what type of lecithin emulsifiers are used, or what benefit they serve. It also contains polysaccharides, which reduces wrinkles, but there is no explanation of how it works on the website. The product contains liposomes to protect against free radicals, and Alpine herbs to provide oxygen as a means of revitalizing and increasing the skin's natural defences. However, there is no data to support that increasing oxygen will be beneficial.

The Korres Cosmetics line offers a number of popular products :  interesting one is the Korres Olive and Rye Day Cream. This Day cream contains olive, rye extract, shea butter, macadamia oil, beeswax, almond and avocado oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin F. The Olive and Rye Night cream contains more vegetable oils than its daytime version. It also contains oil from avocado, rye extract, shea butter, and other ingredients. In addition, there is the Korres Olive and Rye Firming Eye Cream, which uses Black Wheat Extract to reduce the puffiness under the eyes. Also, there is the Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion, which doesn't require water, and is free fragrance and mineral oil.

When looking for the right products, you may want to look for the Korres Beauty or the Korres Natural Products. The Korres Eye and Face section is where you find the Creams for facial use : the Korres masks, cleansers, lotions and moisturizers. Korres cosmetics are available in the UK and worldwide through online stores where you can easily buy the Korres care products (even get the discounts or free samples from time to time, see below).

The Guava Body Butter is getting a lot of attention. Here at AntiAgings.org.uk we see users reviewing this Korres product, and most are very satisfied. The butter moisturises very well, and it sinks in nicely. The skin looks glossy after applying, but not greasy. The butter seems to tone and smooth the skin, giving it an even appearance. The results last all day. …And it ‘s got a nice smell, more like coconut scent than guava. The container is also a very positive one : it's a dispenser pump that works very well and hygienic.

Moisturizers in favour are : the Wild Rose 24-Hour Cream, the Sugar Crystal Cream Multivitamin Skin Shield and the Alpine Herbs Anti-Stress Energizer. 2 Other moisturizers are worth mentioning : the Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer and the Yogurt Cream is another moisturizer that is pretty popular among Korres reviewers. The Olive Stones Scrub and the Lemon Anti-Shine Gel are worth a try if you can get your hand on a free trial, or if you can get it at a discounted price.

On the Korres website, there are instructions for using the products and international contact information. Unfortunately, on the official website, no clinical data or testimonials are available, and prices are not listed, but all products are easily to be found on numerous online cosmetics shops.  

Korres alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website AntiAgings.org.uk soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on "Face Care" will launch in a few weeks.

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