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Murad Skin Care : Cosmetics Review

Murad Cosmetics is a skin care line from the skin care company founded by Dr. Howard Murad MD, dermatologist, pharmacist, and a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA. At the Murad Skin Care website we learn that Dr. Murad has treated over 50,000 patients over time, and remedied every type of skin related problem there probably is. Armed with this experience, research and a lot of clinical tests, Dr. Murad was able to come up with his own skin care brand, to the benefit of both men and women of all skin types and skin problems.

The Murad products line carries a wide range of skin products. All the Murad skin products are divided into different categories depending on the particular skin problem these products are designed for. To name a few, there are categories such as Aging, Acne, Sun Protection, Men's Shaving, Body creams and Cellulite treatments. The Murad Aging category is further classified into three product lines: genetic aging, environmental aging, and hormonal aging. Murad emphasizes the importance of taking supplements to further enhance the effect of any topical cream, so the Murad skin care line is composed not only of cleansers, moisturizers, and creams, but also dietary supplements.

Murad pruducts combine a host of active ingredients such as vitamins, natural botanicals, and antioxidants, and makes use of an exclusive Cellular Water Principle science, which brings water and nutrients to the cells in a process that's called 'cellular hydration'. Most popular Murad skin products are : the Murad Acne Complex (& Acne Treatment Gel), The Murad Skin Perfectin Lotion (is a moisturizer), the Murad Clarifying Skin Cleanser, the Murad Acne Spot Treatment, the Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Moisturizers (and  Cleansers). You may want to look into the AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleansers, they are much appreciated by users. Here at we see people reporting on the AHA BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (AHA Lotions, see below the AHA Skin items, AHA 15, AHA gels & peels, and the AHA care & body care in general). The Murad Acne Management Formula and Essential C Eye Cream and SILK Eye Gel. The Murad Soothing Lip Therapy.

We see people reporting negative results with the Murad Acne Complex Treatment. See below for more. Even after the suggested 8 weeks, instead of clearing, the skin seems to breakout even more. Either the skin reacts well to products containing benzoyl peroxide, or it reacts well to the products with salicylic acid like this Murad Complex. So if yours does not go with the benzoyl peroxide products, this Murad Acne Complex has a good chance of working well. The Murad Acne Spot Treatment is getting good to very good response from users.

In the second aging category (environmental aging), the Day Regimen consists of the Essential-C cleanser, the Environmental Shield Day Regimen + the Dietary supplements.
The last category is the hormonal aging category. Here it is the Resurgence Murad line (known by the TV offer by most & the samples below), that works well for some, but not for all according to many reviews.

As websites go, Murad's may probably be one of the best. Inasmuch as the Murad products are so varied, the website takes time to describe every product in detail and offers customer testimonials alongside each. Free Murad samples are available (see below), and for those who can afford the high end prices, purchases are covered with free shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee. See below for the loyalty points and the trial offers you may get.

The Murad skin care line, if their website is anything to go by, is one of the more well-marketed brands in skin care. The company however, overlooked listing all product ingredients and those with more sensitive skin would benefit from checking this out prior to any purchase. Also, the Murad regimen usually requires one to shell out far more than expected since the skin treatments are recommended with oral supplements.  

Murad alternatives are listed in the popular search results. Visit our website soon again. From fall on, I am publishing new articles on recent development on anti aging research and skin care products. A new website section dedicated to reviews on "Face Care" will launch in a few weeks.

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